Member Benefits

Local 71 Offers An Ever-Growing List of Member Benefits



  • Collect applications
  • Assist members with resume' &  interview preparation
  • Call members for jobs
  • Set up interview times


  • Union S.W.A.G.
  • Pride of membership stickers; 
  • Thumb drive memory stick containing Union service videos and room for personal electronic storage.


  • Local 71 pays Cobra payment for survivors of members lost in the line of duty;
  • Provides grief counseling for members when needed / Business Representatives participate;
  • Deliver LiUNA Charitable Fund checks to spouse of members lost on duty;
  • Representative attends funeral anytime a member dies & flowers are sent when possible;


  • We Provide food for Local 71 member fund raising dinners & help cook at open houses for state trainings and Lunch & Learns;
  • Solidarity parades and BBQs, State open houses, ball games;
  • Dispense quality S.W.A.G. (ie: headlamps, multi-purpose flashlights, knives, hoodies, T-shirts, water bottles, decals, ball-caps, beanies, stocking caps, including pink versions & Hi-VIS for Municipal and D.O.T. Road Crews) and we mail
  • Fit-bits, blood pressure monitors, & thermometers have been provided for members through our Trust;
  • Cost effective life insurance, disability insurance & savings on health insurance through our Trust provides benefits valued well above our monthly dues;
  • Member Discounts on auto parts, windshield replacement, and health clubs;
    • KD Tire  
      • *Spend $250-$950 Earn an Instant $50 Rebate
        *Spend $950-$1P SOO Earn an instant $100 Rebate
        *$80 Seasonal-tire change over
        *$25 Seasonal-tire bolt-ons
        431 Unga Street / Anchorage, AK / 99501
        907. 793.8270 /
    • Speedy Auto Glass Local 71 Auto Glass Special:
    • ***Windshield Replacement***
      • $200 - installation included
      • Free rock chip protection for 1 year
      • Bonus vehicle cleaning
      ***Chip Repair***
      • First chip is $40
      • Second chip is $20
      • $10 each afterwards

  • UNION PLUS discounts - Local 71 Members sign up for free!
  • OSHA 10 Hour Training
  • Scholarships for apprenticeships & certifications in addition to college for dependents include:
  • Contracts expressly state we can speak to our members at monthly safety meetings and worksite visits;
  • Member Advocacy Awareness through updates on contract negotiations, statewide issues, and political events via email, Facebook, website, and text at lunch or 15 mins prior to quitting time, and robo-calls for meetings, contract updates and political events noting location and voting district, & we showcase arbitration and pay dispute resolutions in our Newsletter;
  • Maximize active member participation by tracking meeting attendance for future mobilization for advocacy and outreach for political issues and member recruitment.
  • SPORTS/ENTERTAINMENT: We sponsor advertizing at the Fairbanks  Gold Panners and Anchorage Glacier Pilots baseball stadiums as well as the Fairbanks Ice Dogs hockey arena. We have tickets for these events just for members at the hall on a first come first serve basis!
  • Voter Education / Goal 100% voter registration and grass roots political participation organizing efforts;
  • Candidate training for endorsed supporters of member rights;
  • Internal training availability for communication skills and Grass Roots Mobilization;
  • Family Christmas parties in Fairbanks & Anchorage with gifts for members including coloring books for kids and Santa, candy canes, photos, and lots of FOOD;
  • Christmas cards mailed to all members;
  • Sponsorship of members participating in high visibility sporting events such as Yukon Quest (dog racing), Iron Dog (snow machine racing), Archery (national champs), Ice Dawgs (hockey), and other emerging venues;
  • Member tickets to sporting events;
  • Annual statewide drawings for airline miles to benefit all members / all locations;
  • Hi-VIS hats are with us in the truck for flaggers and road crews;
  • Sponsor lunches for employer training sessions & bring pizza or donuts to Duty Station visits;
  • All Reps bring current info, food, & S.W.A.G.
  • Shop Stewards training (contact office for new developments).
  • Reps and others available attend retiring members send-off parties speaking at the event and providing a certificate of Union membership, & gift.
  • Obtained $100,000 insurance in State of Alaska contract for members during In Travel status away from Duty Station;
  • Community outreach to promote our Members & the good work they do!

Candidate Resources for members in good standing who want to run for office - Call the Business Manager.