Our General Membership Meetings are the place to be heard!

This is where the Executive Board and staff hear direct input from our Local 71 Members to guide the issues which affect their daily lives, from work, to family, to health. We invite all Members to join us at any location for any meeting. We want to hear your ideas to strengthen our organization.

Laborer's Rising

Laborers Rising Is About Building Power And Making A Difference With My Union Brothers And Sisters

Our Union is made up of hard working people who care about the communities they live in. We help with food drives, clothing drives, charity walks, and more.  So far we have organized town halls on pensions and snow removal, and are speaking up at public hearings of all kinds.

Sign up at this link to join the Laborers Rising movement.

Contact Josh Wammock to be part of the Volunteer Organizing Committee we formed on January 19th 2024 to start organizing members solidarity meetings with other LIUNA Local 71 members near you at josh@local71.com or Phone. 907-276-7211 to be part of everything from super bowl parties to candidate volunteers.

Log your Laborer's Rising Activity HERE!

Contact Governor Dunleavy HERE

To email the Governor, you have to use this web portal.

To call your legislator, click this list.

To send an email to Legislators:

  • To a representative: Representative.First Name.Last Name@akleg.gov
  • To a senator: Senator.First Name.Last Name@akleg.gov

Not sure who your legislator is?

Visit the Alaska Legislature’s home page and scroll down to find the “Who represents me” tool.