Jordan Adams

Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer

Jordan has been a Local 71 Member since April 30, 2013. He previously served as a Shop Steward, contract negotiator, Northern Region Business Representative, and statewide Assistant Business Manager. He became Business Manager upon the retirement of Dennis Moen, and in 2020 was elected by a vote of the membership serving as the elected Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer & Representative to the Alaska District Council of Laborers. Jordan was elected by the District Council to serve as their Vice President. He is also the Chair of the Local 71 Health Trust.

The Business Manger serves as the CEO of the Union and oversees all business operations.

Matt Cruickshank

Executive Board President & Representative to District Council

Matt has been a Local 71 Member since August 30, 2006; and is employed as a Maintenance Specialist Lead with DOTPF in Wasilla. He previously served as our Sergeant at Arms. He ran for and was elected by the membership to serve as the Recording Secretary for another term during our regular election of officers in 2020, as well as one of our District Council Representatives. Matt was appointed Vice President by the Executive Board when the position was vacated by Cathy Lavender, who filled the vacancy left by Todd Peplow in August of 2021. Matt was appointed President by a vote of the Executive Board in January of 2022. Matt also serves as a Shop Steward.

The Union President presides over meetings of the membership and board.

Phil Petrie


Phil has been a Local 71 Member since September 28, 2001; and is employed with DOT at the Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage. He was previously elected to the Executive Board by the general membership serving for 6 years, and served recently as our Sergeant at Arms, being appointed by a vote of the Executive Board in 2021 to fill a vacancy left by Jesse Davis who moved out of state. Phil was appointed Vice President by a vote of the Executive Board in January of 2022, when the position was vacated by by Matt Cruickshank when he was appointed President upon the retirement of Cathy Lavender.

Phil was installed as President by a vote of the Executive Board to fill the vacancy left when Matt Cruickshank was promoted to a position outside our union's representation..

William Meers

Business Representative- Central Region/ Executive Board Member & Representative to District Council

Billy has been a Local 71 Member since March 30, 1989. He has served as a Business Representative since 2003 and has negotiated multiple contracts. He is the longest serving representative with an intricate knowledge of the MOA, ASD, and SOA contracts. Billy was elected by the general membership to the board again in 2020, for a fourth consecutive term. Billy was also elected by the general membership in 2020 for another consecutive term as our Representative to District Council.

Chuck Gielow

Sergeant at Arms

Chuck Gielow has been an involved member of LIUNA Local 71 since he joined the union in 2012. He is currently working as a Maintenance Generalist Foreman for the State of Alaska, and has served officially as a Shop Steward & Auditor. Chuck remains involved in union business attending meetings regularly and is a well known conduit of information. Chuck was appointed by the Executive Board to fill the vacancy left by Jesse Davis, who was elected to the office by the members and moved out of state for another position. 

The Sargent at Arms is responsible for credentialing those who wish to attend our meetings, keeping track of when we have a quorum to conduct business, and works closely with the president to keep order in the meetings in accordance with the LIUNA Constitution and Robert's Rules of Order.

Brian Lashinski

Vice Presidsent

Brian has been a Local 71 Member since November 1, 2014; and is employed with Alaska’s State Equipment Fleet in Fairbanks. He has served as a Shop Steward since May of 2016 and was elected to the Board by the general membership through the regular election in 2020. Brian has also been instrumental in securing an increased tool allowance LOA through internal organizing. Brian was installed as Vice President by a vote of the Executive Board in May of 2023 when Phil Petrie vacated the position to become President.

The Vice President presides over meetings in the president's stead, and participates in meetings of the VPs with other unions.


Recording Secretary

Tom Brice

Candidate Information Agent

Tracy Smith

Office Manager, Central Region Dispatcher - Anchorage Office

Crystal White

Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper-Anchorage Office

Mai Moua

Senior Member Advocate, Trust Office

Jennifer Yuhas

Strategic Communications Director

Kyle Perry

Business Representative-Northern Region & Board Recording Secretary

Kyle serves our members as the Board Recording Secretary and a Business Representative. He has extensive experience representing union members and a background in certified plumbing and pipefitting which he used at the Fairbanks International Airport with the State of Alaska.

Trenton English

Business Representative-Southeast Region & Legislative Liaison

Darianne Rumph

Member Advocate, Trust Office

Tracy Smith

Office Manager/Dispatcher - Central Region

Cathy Robbins

Executive Board Member

Cathy has been a Local 71 Member since July 30, 2010; and is employed with the Municipality of Anchorage working both horticulture and operations. She has served as a Shop Steward since and has participated in the MOA contract negotiations. She also previously served as Sargent at Arms. Cathy is not new to our organization, but her name is, and you may recognize her previous last name, Squartsoff.

Kelsey Johnston

Administrative Assistant / Dispatcher - Southeast Region

Josh Wammock

Business Representative - Southcentral & Representative to District Council

Tom Dalton

Representative to District Council & Executive Board Member

Tom has been a Local 71 Member since 2014 and is employed as a Maintenance Specialist, Bldg/Facility/Const Journey 1 with DOT&PF in Anchorage. Tom has served our members as a Steward, Auditor, Judge of Elections, special expert to SOA contract negotiations, and volunteer in several capacities. He was elected as a Representative to District Council by a vote of the membership during our regular 2020 election. Tom was installed as an Executive Board Member in May of 2023 to fill a vacancy in light of his continued service to our membership.