December Membership Meeting is Virtual This Year

Our December General Membership Meeting was originally scheduled to take place in Anchorage on Saturday December 19th from Noon to 3:00 PM.

Anchorage COVID-19 mandates would have cancelled our meeting, but our Union refuses to be thwarted so easily & we found a way around that!

Instead of cancelling our meeting – we moved it online. Our Business Manager got special clearance with LIUNA for this meeting & we notified the membership as soon as possible about this exciting change. Without it, there would be no meeting.

This change also allows for participation by all members without having to travel to Anchorage. That means more ability for you to participate. If your membership information is up to date and you have authorized your Union to contact you, you will have received an email or text with instructions on how to pre-register for this event.



Public Employees Local 71 December 2020 General Membership Meeting will take place remotely over ZOOM:

While we look forward each year to convening in person and celebrating the holidays together, that is simply not possible this year.  We invite you to participate in our first approved virtual meeting:

WHO: All Public Employees Local 71 Members in Good Standing [ONLY]

WHAT: General Membership Meeting [& Prize Drawings Announcements]

WHEN: Saturday December 19th, 2020 – Verification (Log-In) will open at NOON (be prepared to await Membership Verification prior to obtaining entry to the meeting.)

WHERE: From your phone/computer/tablet

WHY: To conduct our Union Business / Hear from Members, Staff & Board / Award Prizes


  • Agree to update your personal contact information to verify your membership & to attend only as a Local 71 Member; & to abide by the LIUNA Constitution by applying all rules for in-person meetings to this virtual meeting including to protect the confidentiality of our Union Business for Members Only / to refuse to provide access to any non-members
  • Join us from your personal computer or phone only with your personal log-in / work devices or work emails or phone numbers may not be used for our Union Meeting
  • Contact the Local 71 Office to make sure your information is up to date & to receive the meeting information. Your personal contact information on file (phone/email) will be used to verify your membership & only Members will be allowed to participate.
  • Use your phone or email on file to join our meeting. Creating a Zoom profile with the contact information you have on file will reduce your waiting time on the day of the meeting. 


  • Wait to be entered into the meeting. Sargent-At-Arms will verify your membership and enter you into the meeting.
  • Once all attendees are verified, the meeting will be called to order.
  • Business will be conducted verbally – chat function will be disabled & Members will raise their hand virtually, to be recognized by the Presiding Officer for discussion. This will ensure all Members can participate in and hear the discussion, as those joining by phone will not be able to see the written chat.

Our Union exists for our Members. We may not be able to gather in person, but we are here for our Brothers & Sisters, and we are here to support each other!

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