Endorsed Candidates for the 2016 General Election

With Early voting starting for most areas we are getting calls as to who is being endorsed. Below are candidates who are endorsed for the upcoming elections. Keep in mind these are candidates who have been interviewed by several Labor Organizations and their answers and track records with the working class are the reason they are endorsed. Your union's biggest priority is our member's jobs. Ultimately who you vote for is up to you.

If you are not sure what district you are registered in, please click the My Voter Information link and you will be able to get that information

For Congress Alaska Laborers Endorses Don Young

The AFLCIO Endorses Lisa Murkowski for Senate

Anchorage Central Labor Council endorsed candidates are:

Senate Seat H Bill Wielechowski

Senate Seat L Forrest McDonald

Senate Seat N Vince Beltrami

House Seat 01 Scott Kawasaki

House Seat 03 Jeanne Olson

House Seat 04 David Guttenberg

House Seat 05 Adam Wool

House Seat 12 Gretchen Wehmhoff

House Seat 14 Joe Hackenmueller

House Seat 15 Gabrielle Ledoux

House Seat 16 Ivy Sponholz

House Seat 18 Harriet Drummond

House Seat 21 Matt Claman

House Seat 22 Jason Grenn

House Seat 23 Chris Tuck

House Seat 24 Dual Endorsement for Chuck Kopp or Sue Levi, both are good Labor Candidates.

House Seat 25 Pat Higgins

House Seat 27 Harry Crawford

House Seat 28 Shirley Cote

Additionally Local 71 Endorses

House Seat 02 Steve Thompson

House Seat 05 Adam Wool

House Seat 24 Charles Kopp

House Seat 35 Cathy Munoz

House Seat 35 Jon Kreisse-Tomkins

House Seat 36 Dan Ortiz

House Seat 37 Bryce Edgmon

More will be added once they've been vetted. We will be sending cards out to our members shortly. Of course if you have questions, feel free to call the hall.