Helping Our Brothers and Sisters In Need

• Many people around the state are grieving losses right now, and that includes our Members. This is an opportunity to remind us all that we have membership resources available to us, and to use them. Whether you are experiencing loss, addiction, depression, or other issues, we encourage you to access your mental health benefits, many of which can be delivered through Teledoc in the privacy of your own home. Visit or download the app today. Your Health Trust recently negotiated additional services for mental health through Teledoc.

• Be on the alert for your Brothers & Sisters wellbeing and remind them that we have resources. Labor is one of the work sectors with the highest rates of depression, and we must all look out for each other, and help one another.

• You may have heard about the tragedies in Southeast Alaska with landslides & flooding. Some of our Brothers & Sisters were affected. The Executive Board has authorized some immediate financial relief for those hit the hardest, and we will be promoting the individual GoFundMe accounts on our website and Facebook page for those who have a GoFundMe account. Please help us promote these virtual fundraisers to others to help attract donations, as the pandemic protocols mean that we cannot hold our in-person fundraisers.  

Venmo - Walker Blair - if you can’t find Walker under that email, try this (photo posted below), and thank you.
Go Fund Me as well

Walker Blair Local 71 Member Haines AK.jpg