HIRING RECRUITMENT Northern Region Business Representative April 2022

Brothers & Sisters,

We are currently seeking a Northern Region Business Representative.

We here at the Local 71 family wish our outgoing Business Rep, Brother Jason Ludington, all the support in his supervisor position with the State of Alaska. In his time here Jason fought tirelessly for the connection and support of all Local 71 members. His 20 years of State employment served the membership greatly and his work will serve well beyond his tenure with us. If you or someone you know is interested in applying for the open Business Rep position, please have them send a resume to info@local71.com. We will be looking to hire as soon as we can choose a candidate that best represents you. In the meantime, your Union Representative business will be covered by our other outstanding Local 71 Reps from Juneau and Anchorage. The Fairbanks office with Mrs. Joleen Nash is open and will be there to assist you. Please contact me with any questions you have on the matter.

Until this position is filled permanently, our Northern Region Members will be well served by our existing team. Contact info@local71.com / Phone. 907-276-7211. 

Are you already a Steward, Foreman, or leading in other ways? If you have been involved and want to learn more about what will eventually be a permanent position as a Business Representative in the Fairbanks / Northern Region Office, let us know.

The perfect candidate to round out our team will possess State of Alaska (SOA) expertise and be committed to our values in supporting our members.  

To apply for this opportunity:

Send your resume & a cover letter explaining why you are applying by email to info@local71.com Titled: APPLICATION FOR FAI BUSINESS REP by the close of business, 5:00 PM, on Thursday, May 12th

Interview selection will begin shortly after the application deadline.

We have several amazing opportunities for someone who wants to become more involved in their union and serve their fellow members to join the Local 71 team. We have already added new Stewards and are looking for a few more in our outlying areas and municipalities. 

We are committed to your success and that of our members, long term.

Contact me today to learn more about these opportunities and more!

In your corner, always,

Jordan Adams,
Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer - Public Employees Local 71
Local 71 Health Trust Chair