Ice Dogs Are Back Members Tickets Available

The Public Employees Local 71 Fairbanks Hall now has Members tickets for the 2021-2022 Ice Dogs Hockey season.

We have 4 tickets for each game night to give away,&  first weekend is this weekend.

2021 Home Games:

10/1-10/2-Kenai River Brown Bears
10/15/10/16-Chippewa Steel
10/22-10/23-Springfield Jr Blues
11/4-11/5-11/6-Janesville Jets
11/12-11/13-Springfield Jr Blues
11/26-11/27-Anchorage Wolverines

2022 Home Games:

1/14-1/15-Kenai River Brown Bears
1/28-1/29-Kenai River Brown Bears
2/17-2/18-2/19-Minnesota Magicians
3/18-3/19-Anchorage Wolverines
3/25-3/26-Chippewa Steel
4/8-4/9-Anchorage Wolverines

Ice Dogs Sched 2021.png