Local 71 Members At Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport Recognized For Exceptional Performance

Today Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy announced the winners of the 2023 Governor’s Denali Peak Performance Awards recognizing the hardworking members of Public Employees Local 71 LIUNA Snow Removal Team for their exceptional performance.

Public Employees Local 71 LIUNA is proud to represent all of our hardworking members around the state and in the other jobs at the Anchorage airport.

These proud union workers have pulled together through years of rampant state vacancies doing more with less to Keep Alaska Moving.  The Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport is the worlds third busiest cargo airport, and was deemed the cleanest airport by FedEx during the COVID-19 response. The State of Alaska offered a 30% on top of base wages pay increase to fill the vacant positions this year to keep the airport open and in compliance with FAA staffing requirements, demonstrating the need for adequate wages to recruit and retain skilled workers in labor positions.

Congratulations to our Peak Performance Awardees, and to all our members who work hard for Alaskans in the jobs that often go unseen. We see you all, and we are proud to represent you!

Today's announcement said:

"Exceptional Performance (Team): ANC Maintenance and Operations “Snow Team,” Transportation and Public Facilities
The Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport “Snow Team” has historically provided the highest caliber snow removal service of any airport in the United States. Their performance during the 2022-2023 winter exemplifies their commitment and expertise to keeping the world’s third busiest air cargo airport in the world operational while enduring incredibly challenging conditions. With three runways, all exceeding 10,000 feet in length, the snow removal process was precisely maneuvered to ensure runways remained open throughout a record snowfall over an eight day period in December."

The full list of awards can be read here.

Anchorage AIA plows courtesy Smithsonian Channel.jpgPhoto: Smithsonian Channel Facebook Page