Local 71 Members Receive Alaska Domestic Emergency Ribbon

 Public Employees Local 71 Members Recognized for Earthquake Response Service

Civilians Receive Military Honors

 ANCHORAGE, AK--- Local 71 Members, Jeremy “Ian” Brown, and Paul Massie, were awarded The Alaska Domestic Emergency Ribbon this week recognizing their exemplary service in response to Alaska’s historic November 29, 2018 earthquake.  This prestigious honor is a rarity in civilian circles. 

Local 71 Business Manager, Jordan Adams, noted “We have always been extremely proud to represent Alaska’s first first-responders and the hard work they do. To see them recognized by the communities they serve really hits it home.”

 Brown and Massie received honors which read:

 For meritorious service during the 29 November 2018 Earthquake. A team of 14 State Facility Maintenance personnel, 38 Air National Guardsmen, and contract augmentation provided rapid response in the immediate aftermath of the event. The outstanding professional skill of the team was on display when they immediately conducted damage assessment response team route checks and initiated emergency repairs. Putting service before self, they ensured that facilitates on base were safe before checking on the well-being of their own personnel property. The team provided real time infrastructure damage updates that were used in the host wind Emergency Operations Center and Alaska National Guard Joint Operations Center and enabled the 176th Wing to obtain $150 thousand dollars in earthquake recovery funds from the National Guard Bureau. Safe workers partnered seamlessly with uniformed Guardsmen and contractors to complete 49 earthquake work orders in 10 facilities. Additionally, they repaired four hangar doors in three separate facilities, allowing freedom of movement for mission critical aircraft. In conclusion, due to the outstanding efforts of the entire team, heat, electrical, water, and fire suppression were operational in all buildings within 30 hours of the historic 7.0 magnitude earthquake. The distinctive accomplishments of these personnel reflect credit upon them, the 176th Wing, the Alaska Air National Guard, and the State of Alaska. 

Local 71 Board President, Todd Peplow, said, “I see the excellence these folks give every day. They don’t do it for the recognition, but I’m sure glad for them when it happens, because they deserve it.”

Local 71 Members work across the state in maintenance positions keeping buildings and transportation access open to the public. They often do so in extreme weather conditions as Alaskans are used to experiencing.  When roads and airports remain open during snow and ice storms, Local 71 Members are there. Local 71 Members were crucial to reopening access to major transportation corridors during the highly publicized rockslides, sink holes, and bridge strikes of the past few years. And, Local 71 Members acted swiftly and thoughtfully to secure structures during the November 2019 earthquake.


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