Local 71 Responds to Announcement to Open DOT Camps at Birch Lake and Chitina

In December, the State of Alaska responded to public outcry recognizing the need to reopen the Silvertip DOT work camp to meet its requirement to provide road services. This week, the administration took further steps to rectify previous closures. Local 71 Business Manager, Jordan Adams had this response:

“The announcement that the Birch Lake and Chitina DOT stations would be re-opening was welcome news.  The Alaskan people value the work our members do to keep our highways safe and know that keeping our transportation corridors maintained is not only essential, but the key to other essential services such as public safety, EMS, and goods & services.  Five essential camps were closed through budget cuts in recent years, and Alaskans have felt the effects.  They became vocal, and now we are 3/5ths of the way to restoring their service.  We all know the fiscal puzzle is a difficult one right now, and the people we serve are starting to weigh in about what is appropriate when it comes to cuts.  They won’t tolerate cuts to direct essential services when they see spending for high paid consultants and lawsuits. We are all here to serve Alaskans by keeping our roadways safe for winter travel, and they will continue to drive that message through these budget discussions.”

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