Local 71 Statement on Leadership Changes


7 June 2021

We made our 2020 elections a success despite pandemic restrictions. Each elected position carries not only the privilege of representing our members, but duties assigned through the LIUNA Constitution. Our leadership must be dedicated to the betterment of our union and the wellbeing of our membership. Our members and your jobs simply must come first when we represent you. Your jobs, your paycheck, and your dignity on the job must drive our decisions. The actions we take must always be based on our service to you as members. This is true for all officers.

This May, our Sargent at Arms, Jesse Davis, announced he would be moving out of state. We wished him and his family well and thanked him for his service. The Executive Board followed LIUNA Constitution protocols and installed former board member Phil Petrie in Jesse’s stead.

This spring formal charges were brought against the former president for misuse of his position and violation of his oath of office. A trial board was assembled per our constitution, and it was determined that a misuse and violation of the Presidents Oath of office had in fact occurred. This resulted in Mr. Peplow being removed from his position as President. As of 5/26/21 Vice President Cathy Lavender 36-year member has assumed the role of Local 71 Union President, as is protocol for the Vice President. Thank you, Cathy for sacrificing collecting your retirement to serve our members for another few months.

An option was given for Mr. Peplow to remain on the board following an apology for his misuse of position. He did not take this option. We currently have one vacant board position following his departure which will be filled in accordance with our constitution by the executive board.

Other positions may open before our next election. Let us know if you are interested in serving in the future as an officer, a steward, or even as a local elected official.

We are stronger united, and we are committed to your representation. Call us, email us, let us know how to best represent you. If you want the latest news from us as soon as possible, please remember to sign the release form that lets us text you and your personal email for union information that cannot be sent to your work email. Above all, attend your General Membership Meetings and contribute to the discussion, or run for office. We would love to support more of our members in that way.

In your service,

Jordan A. Adams
Business Manager Secretary / Treasurer
Health Trust Chair

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