Local 71 Union Election Results


July 28, 2020                                                                                                             

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you to all who offered their names in service and/or voted.  We have certified the following results:


The following elections were uncontested: 

President/Delegate to the International Convention:  Todd Peplow

Vice President:  Cathy Lavender

Recording Secretary:   Matt Cruickshank

Auditors:    Mark LaseterTom Skonieczki, & John Walters II 

Delegates to Alaska District Council of Laborers:   Matt CruickshankTom DaltonCathy Lavender, & Billy Meers


The following elections were contested:

Sergeant at Arms (1) : Jesse Davis  with 109 votes      Tom Dalton also ran, achieving 105 votes.

Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer/Delegate to the District Council/ Delegate to the International Convention (1): Jordan Adams with 128 votes.     Ralph Maston also ran achieving 97 votes.   


Executive Board Members At Large (3) are:  Cathy Squartsoff (140 votes)  Brian Lashinski (118 Votes)  &   Billy Meers (118 Votes)

Also running:  Phil Petrie (114 Votes) & Frank Kirk (108 votes)      


Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Judges of Elections,

Richard Lott, Dale Redding, Daniel Woody,

& Tyler Crosby, Alternate