Local 71's Bonnie Sullivan Honored Labor Day Worker

Local 71's long time Fairbanks Dispatcher, Bonnie Sullivan, was honored this year as a Labor Day Parade Grand Marshall.

The full article announcing the event can be found here: Newsminer 

The Fairbanks Central Labor Council issued the following release on Friday August 30, 2019.

Fairbanks Labor Day Parade & Picnic
Central Labor Council President Announces Grand Marshalls

FAIRBANKS, AK--- Fairbanks Central Labor Council (CLC) President, Doug Tansy, made the following announcement today:

“We’re excited to announce an action-packed event this year and look forward to connecting with our members and our community,” said Tansy. He announced this year’s Grand Marshalls and gave insights to the planned activities.

Tansy noted the parade would start at Noon at the Noel Wein Library. He said parade walkers would need to be on site by 11:30 AM. The parade will progress to Pioneer Park, where participants will enjoy a free BBQ. Others will be charged five dollars. “We’ll have food, beverages, games, raffles, and information about how to better serve our community,” he said.

He said of this year’s selection for Grand Marshalls, “We really wanted to honor some of our members with the longest service. We wanted to let them know how much they are appreciated.”

The CLC selected the following four Grand Marshalls for this year’s event:

Rose Todd (IBEW Member 1989 – 2013)
Carol Heiter – (Laborer’s Local 942 Member)
Jonna Weed – (Laborer’s Local 942 Member 1975 – 2013)
Bonnie Sullivan (Local 71 Member 1985 to 2018)
Please see biographies below


Rose Todd (IBEW Member 1989 – 2013)
For 24 years Rose Todd was the face of IBEW 1547 in Fairbanks. Rose’s smile greeted every member who walked through the door and treated everyone as family. Because of her genuine interest in everyone, she could somehow remember everyone’s names, as well as their spouses, kids and other family. She was always happy to provide a dispatch for work, employment assistance, or to lend advise. Additionally, Rose spent countless hours volunteering her time for the benefit of our members and our community and serve the Local as Recording Secretary for the Fairbanks Unit Committee. The annual Summer Picnic and Kids Christmas Party were events that she primarily organized. She developed them into two of the most anticipated celebrations for the IBEW membership. Rose also serves on the Board of the Fairbanks Youth Litter Patrol. Rose says, “I am currently living my dream thanks to my career at IBEW 1547, and my only regret is not starting sooner.”

Carol Heiter – (Laborer’s Local 942 Member)

“I am honored and humbled to have been asked to be a grand marshal for the Labor Day parade. I would not be where I am today without Laborers’ Local 942 or without all of you. What I now know and understand about a union, is that it is not just a job, it is a calling. It’s a commitment to organizing, representing, and defending working class people. Collectively giving a us all a voice so we can be heard. It is about having a passion for the work you do. Believing that what you do matters and trust me it does, you are working at the calling. Labor Day is a day to celebrate our family, brothers and sisters, a family that I am proud to be a part of. You all have touched my life and I will be forever grateful.” Said Carol of this honor.

Jonna Weed – (Laborer’s Local 942 Member 1975 – 2013)

It was March of 1975, work on the Trans Alaska Pipeline was ramping up, and membership had reached 7,000, when Jonna began working at Laborer’s Local 942. She was raised in Fairbanks in a strong union family, going to work at Local 942 was a natural step for her, and she thrived. It was an exciting time to be working at the Local, and Jonna stepped up to the challenge. She was originally hired to answer to phones, but it quickly became apparent that she was capable of so much more.

She worked closely with the Business Managers and Business Representatives over the next 38 years, helping with contracts, training, travel arrangements, office duties, and membership. Anything that needed to be taken care of, it was Jonna that took care of it. She helped organize parades, and barbeques, picnics and retirement parties. She was involved in elections, both within the Local, and in the community.
Jonna was a part of every Laborer’s life, watching the apprentices grow up and have kids of their own. She met her husband, Carl, through the Local, and all three of their children have been Local 942 members during their careers. Jonna made life-long friendships through the Local and took care of everyone that needed her.
When she retired in 2013, she was the office manager. But, as we all know, she was so much more.
“Join a Union, it’s the best thing you can do for you and your family.” Jonna Weed

Bonnie Sullivan (Local 71 Member 1985 to 2018)

Since 1985, thousands of Local 71 members have had their lives enriched by Bonnie Sullivan through job referrals, employment coaching, career enhancement and just good ole-fashioned “mothering.” The dedication, passion and genuine care that Bonnie brought to our Membership each and every day has helped guide and define our Organization. In appreciation for her 33 years of devoted service to Local 71 members and their families, we ask you to join us in honoring Bonnie Sullivan on Labor Day, 2019. Ever dedicated to family, Bonnie is unfortunately down in the States caring for a loved one and unable to be with us in the parade. When notified of this nomination, she replied “I truly appreciate all that the Union has done for me and my family and wish I could have been there with you all.” Bonnie- it has been an honor to call you sister, coworker, mentor and friend!

Follow this link for footage of the event: KTVF Labor Day 2019