Local Elections in Juneau and Fairbanks October 6th

Members, check your email and mailbox for additional information. If you don't have an email, contact us to be put on the list!

Members Make Local 71 Strong
LIUNA Local 71 members keep our union strong by coming to union meetings, participating in events and being a strong voice for workers on the job.


Use THIS LINK to get your ballot by mail, anyone can do it!

Voting for officials who support our issues benefits & supports our goals.

Elected & Appointed Officials make regulations, laws, and ordinances which affect our our jobs, and for the Union to negotiate on behalf of our Members.

* When we negotiate contracts for wages, benefits, and fair treatment on the job, these are the people on the other side of the table. * We all want to negotiate with people who support our issues. * First, we must elect them. * We are stronger together. * Your vote supports our ability to negotiate on your behalf. * Officials pay attention to who votes & how often they vote / your registration & action supports our efforts to negotiate on your behalf.

Elected officials follow voting lists. These lists don’t show how you vote, but they do show how often.

* The fact is: The more we vote, the more We matter to them.

* Some officials think it’s ok to withhold support or action from “people who don’t vote anyway.”

So, what’s a “Super-Voter?”

* Someone who really matters to elected officials.

* Someone who votes in every election from Local (Assemblies, Councils, & School Boards), to State (House, Senate, Governor, Judges, Ballot Initiatives), to U.S. President.

* A “Known Voter” who can un-elect someone if they don’t listen to them!

* We’re in the strongest position to negotiate when we can say: “Our Members Vote!”

Believe it or not, elections are decided by very small margins, especially in Alaska. Our membership is large enough to make a difference, when we all stand together. One vote can make all the difference!

1960 – ONE Vote per precinct elected John F. Kennedy president.
1978 – Jay Hammond beat Walter Hickel for governor in the Primary by just 98 votes statewide.
1978 – ONE Vote elected Tim Kelly to his Senate seat in District F.
1982 – TWO Votes nominated David McCracken for State Senate District J in the Primary.
1984 – ONE Vote nominated Mary Ratcliff for State Representative of House District 12 in the Primary.
1986 – 17 Votes (less than one vote per precinct) elected Rick Uehling Senator from District H, Seat B, out of 14,389.
1992 – FIVE Votes (less than one vote / precinct) gave Al Vezey the nomination for State Representative of House District 32
1994 – 1.1 votes per precinct elected Tony Knowles as Governor and Fran Ulmer as Lt. Governor out of 216,668 votes cast
1996 – ONE Vote gave Ann Spohnholz the nomination for House District 21 State Representative in the Primary.
1998 – A TIE was broken by a flip of the coin to elect Wayne Morgan after a runoff for a school board Kuspuk School District.
1999 – A TIE was broken by a flip of the coin to elect Larry Wilson to a school board seat in the Bering Strait School District.
2006 – A TIE was settled by the flip of a coin for a school-board seat in the Aleutian Islands the incumbent, Katherine Dunton
2006 – A TIE was settled by coin flip for Brice Edgmon (now Speaker of the House) in House District 37
2008 – FOUR votes carried Representative Mike Kelly back to the State House in District 7 against Karl Kassel.
2012 – Alaska State House District 34 was finalized after a recount & won by 32 Votes out of 8,328 votes cast. ( 0.004%)

2018 - House District 1 elects Bart LeBon by one vote following recounts.


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