Members Notice: Fairbanks Municipal Election 2018 Endorsements



Local 71 Votes & Your Voice Matters!

Elections in Alaska are decided by very small margins.  We have the power to change the outcomes of these elections when we vote as a membership.

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The following candidates are endorsed by Public Employees Local 71:
FNSB Mayor: Bryce Ward 

FNSB Assembly:

     Seat A: Marna Sanford
     Seat F: Liz Lyke
     Seat G: Leah Berman Williams

Fairbanks City Council

     Seat A: Shoshana Kun
     Seat B: June Rogers or Marcey Luther
     Seat D: Kathy Ottersten
IGU Board: Seat B: Scott Eickholt
North Pole Mayor: Michael Welch
School Board
     Seat A: Robert Kinnard
     Seat B: Chyra Sanderson