Mourning Senator Bettye Davis


Mourning Senator Bettye Davis


A friend of workers is lost.


ANCHORAGE, AK--- Public Employees Local 71 mourns the loss of a long-time friend to Alaska’s workforce. Former State Senator Bettye Davis is remembered for her service to our Members, and the whole of Alaska’s workforce.

Many will remember Bettye Davis for her landmark election adding diversity to the Alaska State Senate.  Public Employees Local 71 will also remember her for her personal support of our workers through wage and benefit negotiations, and her genuine appreciation for the jobs we do.

On the Anchorage School Board, Bettye Davis directly supported our school custodial staff.  She expressed her thanks many times for our Anchorage Municipal Workers, specifically our parks staff. 

In the State Senate, Ms. Davis was a tireless advocate for the working class, as many of her floor speeches reflected.  Known for her tenacity, we thank her for her strong voice to protect workers dignity through many rounds of negotiations.

Local 71 Business Manager, Dennis Moen, noted, “We can only hope that Bettye’s voice might find a vessel to continue through a new crop of elected officials now.  She will surely be missed.”

Billy Meers, Local 71 Business Representative for members employed with the Anchorage School District, said, “She was forthright, and real.  She was also a fortress.  She stood tall when that was called for, but that drawbridge was always open for our workers to cross.  She understood the personal applications to our members of the decisions that were being made at high levels.”



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