Public Employees Local 71 Reacts to Silvertip Reopening

Last year the Silvertip Maintenance Station was closed, requiring added travel time to the working men and women who dutifully maintain safety and access on our roads for Alaskans on the Kenai Peninsula. The complications to this decision were brought to the state administration at that time. Later a Facebook group emerged noting the necessity of road maintenance to those traveling to and from the Kenai. Today Governor Mike Dunleavy announced a reversal of that policy decision, reopening the Silvertip camp.

Jordan Adams, Business Manager for Public Employees Local 71 said, “This policy reversal is good news for Alaskans. Our Local 71 Members are working hard to keep Alaska moving every day & the reopening of the Silvertip camp means better service and safety for Alaskans. Our Members are essential to public safety. Ambulances and law enforcement need safe clear roads. This announcement means less time traveling between duty stations and more time spent on direct public service, which is what we're here for. The public knows the value of our service & we're glad to see the administration recognizing that value with this policy reversal."

Local 71 continues to represent the Labor Trades & Crafts employed by the State of Alaska, and to advocate for adequate support of those workers.

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Click here to read the Governor’s Press Release on this policy reversal.