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Members Make Local 71 Strong
LIUNA Local 71 members keep our union strong by coming to union meetings, participating in events and being a strong voice for workers on the job.


Use THIS LINK to get your ballot by mail, anyone can do it!

Voting for officials who support our issues benefits & supports our goals.

Elected & Appointed Officials make regulations, laws, and ordinances which affect our our jobs, and for the Union to negotiate on behalf of our Members.

* When we negotiate contracts for wages, benefits, and fair treatment on the job, these are the people on the other side of the table. * We all want to negotiate with people who support our issues. * First, we must elect them. * We are stronger together. * Your vote supports our ability to negotiate on your behalf. * Officials pay attention to who votes & how often they vote / your registration & action supports our efforts to negotiate on your behalf.

Elected officials follow voting lists. These lists don’t show how you vote, but they do show how often.

* The fact is: The more we vote, the more We matter to them.

* Some officials think it’s ok to withhold support or action from “people who don’t vote anyway.”

So, what’s a “Super-Voter?”

* Someone who really matters to elected officials.

* Someone who votes in every election from Local (Assemblies, Councils, & School Boards), to State (House, Senate, Governor, Judges, Ballot Initiatives), to U.S. President.

* A “Known Voter” who can un-elect someone if they don’t listen to them!

* We’re in the strongest position to negotiate when we can say: “Our Members Vote!”

Believe it or not, elections are decided by very small margins, especially in Alaska. Our membership is large enough to make a difference, when we all stand together. One vote can make all the difference!

1960 – ONE Vote per precinct elected John F. Kennedy president.
1978 – Jay Hammond beat Walter Hickle for governor in the Primary by just 98 votes statewide.
1978 – ONE Vote elected Tim Kelly to his Senate seat in District F.
1982 – TWO Votes nominated David McCracken for State Senate District J in the Primary.
1984 – ONE Vote nominated Mary Ratcliff for State Representative of House District 12 in the Primary.
1986 – 17 Votes (less than one vote per precinct) elected Rick Uehling Senator from District H, Seat B, out of 14,389.
1992 – FIVE Votes (less than one vote / precinct) gave Al Vezey the nomination for State Representative of House District 32
1994 – 1.1 votes per precinct elected Tony Knowles as Governor and Fran Ulmer as Lt. Governor out of 216,668 votes cast
1996 – ONE Vote gave Ann Spohnholz the nomination for House District 21 State Representative in the Primary.
1998 – A TIE was broken by a flip of the coin to elect Wayne Morgan after a runoff for a school board Kuspuk School District.
1999 – A TIE was broken by a flip of the coin to elect Larry Wilson to a school board seat in the Bering Strait School District.
2006 – A TIE was settled by the flip of a coin for a school-board seat in the Aleutian Islands the incumbent, Katherine Dunton
2006 – A TIE was settled by coin flip for Brice Edgmon (now Speaker of the House) in House District 37
2008 – FOUR votes carried Representative Mike Kelly back to the State House in District 7 against Karl Kassel.
2012 – Alaska State House District 34 was finalized after a recount & won by 32 Votes out of 8,328 votes cast. ( 0.004%)

2018 - House District 1 elects Bart LeBon by one vote following recounts.


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