SOA Emergency Leave Bank Open Enrollment Through December 2022




Brothers & Sisters employed with the State of Alaska,

Our State of Alaska (SOA) Emergency Leave Bank (ELB) is now open for enrollment until December 31st through the forms included in this mailing and online under the Forms tab on the Local 71 website 


Instructions are explained thoroughly in the attached documents. This is a voluntary program and is only available to members who have voluntarily contributed funds to the emergency leave pool to form the bank. Your union seeded this pool with $20,000.00 to start the program, and it is designed to continue through voluntary member contributions per the current SOA contract.


Workers Compensation is for injuries sustained while working. This ELB is created as an extra measure to assist our members when workers comp cannot help.


In following years there will be a 30-day re-enrollment period each year from November 1st to 30th. Since this is a new program, we have accommodated an extended enrollment period this year for all our members. New hires will have the opportunity to enroll when they sign their hiring paperwork.


You will find additional details attached and all our staff are here to help explain the process.


I remain available for further discussion with you on this and any topic affecting our members rights and workplace safety.




Jordan A. Adams,


Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer, Public Employees Local 71


& Local 71 Health Trust Chair

*This notification was sent to all Local 71 Members who have provided their personal email contact to the Union & will be mailed in hard copy to all our members at the mailing address they have provided for our files.