Special Notice to Members: Your Workplace Safety



November 6, 2019

Brothers & Sisters of Local 71,

As your Business Manager, I consider your safety paramount to our Local 71 mission to support your work. We consider every report of your concerns on the job an urgent endeavor. Recently, Local 71 requested testing of certain jobsites for material hazards in conjunction with ongoing grievance processes.

While those grievances remain confidential to protect our members privacy, we are alerting you to ongoing and upcoming testing at your worksites.

Currently, Local 71 has invoked Article 21.02 of our State of Alaska Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) governing our members safety on the job. This action has triggered testing of material hazards at your worksites, and investigations regarding the possibility/extent of your exposure. Additionally, we have requested the establishment of a Monitored Health Program for sites at which material hazards have been identified, as provided under Section 21.12.

Your Local 71 Business Representative is able to explain the extent of ongoing testing and requests by your union at this time. We also solicit your reports of possible exposure. If you are concerned for your workplace safety AT ANY TIME, please contact your local office. You are Alaska’s frontline workers, and we need to hear from you immediately to best represent you.

Thank you again for your dedication and service to the people of the State of Alaska. You have our full support in all you do,

In Solidarity,

Jordan Adams
Business Manager Secretary / Treasurer

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