State Members Check Your Paychecks For Step O and Higher Retro Pay


09 February 2023

This is a special notice to Public Employees Local 71 Members employed with the State of Alaska at Step O and higher:

Your union fought hard to win your step increases in our last contract negotiation and we demanded that the state make good on that promise.  When we heard that members had not seen the increases that they were promised, we filed a grievance demanding that pay and we did not back down. State position vacancies are rampant, even at payroll, but you deserve the pay that you work so hard for, and your union is fighting for you.  A contract is a contract, and the State of Alaska must adhere to that agreement. You show up for work and your pay increase should show up on your pay stub.

Check your pay stubs for CODE 22LL149 and look for your lump sum payment showing your increase. If you have not received the increase you are due, I want to know personally. Call your Business Representative if you have not seen your pay increase show up under this code. We filed a class action grievance on this, and we will keep pressing on this until every one of our members is paid what they are due. Your employer must comply with this contract provision, and we keep pressing for completion of the wage study.

What can you do to make sure that your union is in the strongest position to get you what you deserve?

  • Participate in your General Membership Union Meetings.
  • Regularly talk to your Union Steward and Business Representative.
  • Be vocal about your needs on the job to your supervisors.
  • Stand up for your rights on the job and let your supervisors know that you are talking to your union.

When your employer knows that you are participating in your union, you add to the power of your union.  We’ll keep fighting for your rights every day. When your employer knows that you know this and you rely on your union, they have nowhere to hide. This is your union, and your union depends on you. Together we are unstoppable. Let’s show our power together.

In Solidarity, and in your corner,

Jordan A. Adams        

Business Manager/ Secretary-Treasurer