UPDATE on SOA Payroll Issues




  • LTC Members employed by the State of Alaska suffered a payroll deduction overage for their health care fees and we are working to rectify that.
  • This error was not caused by anything the Union did, this was a file merger between Zenith & the State of Alaska Payroll.
  • We immediately contacted the State and Zenith when this happened on November 25th & alerted our affected Members who have provided authorization to contact them.  We updated them a few days later to notify that we were told that this would be rectified by a zero deduction on this week’s pay.  Although SOA & Zenith tested their files on Friday with no issues, we were alerted yesterday that another error occurred causing regular deduction to be taken this week.  We immediately contacted the SOA & Zenith to request a refund to affected Members to correct this error.
  • The State payroll is not able to process a refund check, so the solution will be to not pull health care premiums from the next payroll check (zero deduction).  At this point, the Commissioner is directly involved and communicating with our Business Manager to ensure this hardship to Members is rectified.




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