Your Retirement Depends On Senate Bill 88


Brothers and Sisters,
As you know, these past several years we have worked hard to help elect candidates, regardless of political party, who have said that they support your fair wages and benefits. And our work is paying off!
Last month, our Business Manager, Jordan A. Adams was invited to testify before the Alaska Senate Labor & Commerce Committee where he told them to fix the retirement for ALL public employees, not just teachers and fire - and the committee listened. Because of our testimony, Senator Cathy Giessel introduced SENATE BILL 88, creating a "Teir 5" DEFINED BENEFITS RETIREMENT FOR ALL PUBLIC EMPLOYEES. 
Tomorrow, he is invited again to testify on your behalf to support your retirement benefits. The hearing will take place tomorrow, Mar 15 Wednesday 1:30 PM (S)LABOR & COMMERCE at BELTZ 105 (TSBldg) and will be teleconferenced.
What can YOU do to support our efforts for your retirement package?
  • Sign up for text messages on the bill and you will be notified when the bill advances: 
    • SMS Bill Tracking: Text a bill number (ex: HB1) to 559-245-2529 to enroll in text alerts. You will receive an enrollment confirmation and instructions on how to stop receiving the alerts.
  • Contact your own Legislator to tell them that passing this bill matters to you and your family:
    • Go to
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page.
    • Type your address in the lower Right-Hand Corner.
    • Click on your Senator and Representative to message them that you are watching this bill and that you vote.
  • Thank Senator Cathy Giessel for introducing this bill and thank the Senate Labor & Commerce Committee for hearing it. 
  • Attend your General Membership Union Meeting this Thursday in Anchorage or online to learn more! (check your email for the link)
  • Ask your Local 71 Business Representative, Steward, or Admin Assistant to find out more about how you can participate in Labor Walks to help elect more people who support your paycheck and benefits!
In Solidarity,
Your Public Employees Local 71 Team,