Member Benefits

Local 71 Offers An Ever-Growing List of Member Benefits



  • Collect applications
  • Assist members with interview preparation
  • Call members for jobs
  • Set up interview times


  • Hat; Multi-function flashlight; Pride of membership stickers; Thumb drive memory stick containing professional informational Union service videos and room for Union or personal business electronic storage.


  • Local 71 pays Cobra payment for survivors of members lost in the line of duty;
  • Provides grief counseling for members when needed / Business Representatives participate;
  • Delilver LiUNA Charitable Fund checks to spouse of members lost on duty;
  • Representative attends funeral anytime a member dies & flowers are sent when possible;


  • Provide food for Local 71member fund raising dinners & help cook at open houses for state trainings and Lunch & Learns;
  • Solidarity parades and picnics, State open houses, ball games;
  • Dispense quality S.W.A.G. (ie: headlamps, multi-purpose flashlights, knives, hoodies, T-shirts, water bottles, decals, ball-caps, beanies, stocking caps, including pink versions & Hi-VIS for Municipal and D.O.T. Road Crews) and we mail
  • Fit-bits, blood pressure monitors, & thermometers for members through our Trust;
  • to remote camps;
  • Cost effective life insurance, disability insurance & savings on health insurance through our Trust provides benefits valued well above our monthly dues;
  • Member Discounts on auto parts, windshield replacement, and health clubs;
  • UNION PLUS discounts;
  • Family Christmas parties in Fairbanks & Anchorage with gifts for members including coloring books for kids and Santa, candy canes, photos, and lots of FOOD;
  • Bowling parties in Juneau;
  • Christmas cards mailed to all members;
  • Sponsorship of members participating in high visibility sporting events such as Yukon Quest (dog racing), Iron Dog (snow machine racing), Archery (national champs), Ice Dawgs (hockey), and other emerging venues;
  • Member tickets to baseball and hockey events;
  • Annual statewide drawings for airline miles to benefit even out of town members;
  • Hi-VIS hats are with us in the truck for flaggers and road crews;
  • Sponsor lunches for employer training sessions & bring pizza or donuts to Duty Station visits;
  • All Reps bring current info, talking sheets, food, and conduct drawings for hats;
  • All Hands Shop Stewards training in person in Anchorage & Fairbanks every 2 years in addition to always available online training;
  • Rep and others available attend retiring members send-off parties speaking at the event and providing a certificate of Union membership, high quality engraved knife, mug, and hat; 
  • Obtained $100,000 insurance in State of Alaska contract for members during In Travel status away from Duty Station;
  • Scholarships for apprenticeships & certifications in addition to college for dependents include:
    • Local 71 Scholarship & Training Fund
    • Vernie Reed Memorial Scholarship
    • Union Plus College Education Resource
  • Contracts expressly state we can speak to our members at monthly safety meetings and worksite visits;
  • Member Advocacy Awareness through updates on contract negotiations, statewide issues, and political events via email, Facebook, website, and text at lunch or 15 mins prior to quitting time, and robo-calls for meetings, contract updates and political events noting location and voting district, & we showcase arbitration and pay dispute resolutions in our Newsletter;
  • Maximize active member participation by tracking meeting attendance for future mobilization for advocacy and outreach for political issues and member recruitment.


  • Increased our Duty Station Visits in 2017 and will continue 2018 tracking efforts;
  • Development of new member satisfaction surveys and assessment program in the works for 2018;
  • Development of new member advocacy & outreach plans for 2018 including goal of 100% voter registration and grass roots political participation organizing efforts;
  • Candidate training for endorsed supporters of member rights;
  • Internal training availability for communication skills and Grass Roots Mobilization;
  • Increased community outreach planned - 2018!