Attend the Local 71 Political Action Committee Meeting Tonight

In January 2022, the Local 71 Membership voted:
To create a Local 71 Political Action Committee comprised of the Local 71 Members who contribute financially to the PAC fund;
To meet separately from the E-Board & General Membership meetings;
To be required to provide a report ASAP following any meeting to the Board;
To require a quorum of five(5) members;
To allow for virtual meetings and electronic polling;
To require announcement to all PAC members via email or phone prior to any meeting;
To be bestowed the power to endorse candidates and positions and to disperse PAC funds;
To convene initially at the call of the Local 71 Vice President;
To elect officers from among its own members via voice or written nomination, and to operate under presumed ascent;
And to recognize that creation of said committee supersedes the actions taken by the membership at the general membership meeting of April 2021.

A: ALL Local 71 Members in good standing who have contributed any amount to the PAC.

E-mails were sent to Members last week with the link to the meeting. The meeting was also announced at last night's General Membership Meeting & reminders were sent today via text.

Tonight is the meeting to elect committee officers. ALL Local 71 Members who contribute to the PAC remain members of the committee, This meeting does not create a "board" within the committee. It only establishes who may call meetings etc.

If you are a Local 71 Member who has contributed financially to the PAC, check your personal email/texts for the meeting link.
We plan to conclude by 6:00 PM.