Speak Up for Your Retirement Testify On SB 88 This Week



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Brothers and Sisters,

Last week, your business manager testified again to advance your fair retirement. NOW IT IS YOUR TURN!

How to testify:

  • Follow all of your employer’s protocols for public testimony / do not use your work (public) equipment or time to testify
  • Visit your local LIO (Legislative Information Office)
  • Call one of the Legislative Teleconference phone numbers: In Juneau (907) 586-9085/in Anchorage (907) 563-9085/ all other locations (844) 586-9085
  • Letters of support for the public record for Senate Bill 88 can be sent to Senator.Cathy.Giessel@akleg.gov CC: Julia.OConnor@akleg.gov

(BONUS: CC: your own State Representative and State Senator on your comments in support of SB 88) To contact your own Legislator to tell them that passing this bill matters to you and your family: Go to https://akleg.gov/ - Scroll to the bottom of the page. Type your address in the lower Right-Hand Corner. Click on your Senator and Representative to message them. 

Testimony best practices

Your testimony in support of SB 88 doesn’t have to be overly complicated or detailed but should make clear that restoring a fair worker retirement system is critical to staffing qualified labor positions,  providing essential services to Alaskans, and is cheaper in the long run.

 Here are some thoughts to consider as you prepare to testify:

  • Shorter is better! The limit is 2 minutes. Please don’t exceed your allotted time so the committee can hear from more of us.
  • Write down what you want to say and practice it ahead of time.
  • When called upon say “Thank you, Mr./Madam Chair” then, state your name, district, or community, and the purpose of your testimony: “For the record, my name is Joe Jones, I am calling from Nome and I am testifying in support of SB 88 to restore a retirement with dignity for public service employees.”
  • Tell the stories from your community and the work that you do, citing vacant positions and worker turnover.
  • Speak to the issue: “I support SB 88 because I have seen firsthand the impacts of worker turnover in my community. This year we had ___ positions that were never filled and I know of at least ___ of my colleagues who are leaving due to the broken retirement system.”


The bottom line: Tell your story and explain how the broken retirement system adversely impacts the services that you provide, and Alaskans depend on, like snow removal, safety, transportation, commerce, & maintenance. Note that worker turnover costs more than paying fair wages and benefits would cost.

Remember, you only have 2 minutes, and it is very important that your voices are heard. Public testimony has made a difference. We look forward to hearing your voices in public testimony.

  • Senate Bill 88 represents a significant collaboration between Alaska’s public sector unions to find common ground and unite behind a proposal to restore pensions for all public employees.
  • Senate Bill 88 has 10 co-sponsors and is a publicly stated priority of the Senate Majority coalition.


What else can YOU do to support our efforts to better your retirement package? Learn what is happening and tell others!

A chart outlining the details of SB 88 can be found here.

Watch the first hearing on SB 88 here.

News coverage of the introduction of SB 88 in the Alaska Beacon can be found here.

Watch the recorded hearing at this link to educate yourself on the issue.

Watch the Senate Majority Press Conference on this bill at this link.

Sign up for text messages on the bill and you will be notified when the bill advances: 

SMS Bill Tracking: Text a bill number (ex:SB88) to 559-245-2529 to enroll in text alerts. You will receive an enrollment confirmation and instructions on how to stop receiving the alerts.

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